Best Aventon Ebike Black Friday Sales 2023

Are you ready to elevate your biking experience to new heights? Look no further because this Black Friday, Ezbike Canada is bringing you unbeatable deals on Aventon's premium ebike models. Whether you're a thrill-seeker, a commuter, or just someone who loves the freedom of two wheels, our exclusive discounts on the Aventure.2Level.2, Sinch.2,Soltera.2 and Pace 500.3 models are designed to make your riding dreams a reality.

Ezbike Canada:Black Friday Ebike Flash Sale In Canada

1. Best Fat Tire Ebike Black Friday Deal
2. Best Foldable Ebike Black Friday Deal
3. Best Cargo Ebike Black Friday Deal
4. Best Commuter Ebike Black Friday Deal
5. Best Cruiser Ebike Black Friday Deal


Off-road adventures necessitate the use of a sturdy bike with high-quality components at an affordable price. Get the help you require when you need it.

Ezbike Canada:Aventon Aventure.2 Ebike Best Seller In Canada

Aventon Aventure.2 – Save $500

  • Regular Price: $2,799
  • Black Friday Price: $2,299
  • Free front rack
  • Best Fat Tire Ebike by Electric Bike 


We offer tailored solutions to meet your needs, whether you're in search of a compact companion for your upcoming adventure or a swift way to effortlessly jump into the saddle and start your journey. When it comes to Black Friday ebike discounts, not only are discounted prices essential, but we also prioritize ensuring that your ebike arrives punctually.

Ezbike Canada:Aventon Sinch.2 Ebike Best Seller In Canada

Aventon Sinch.2 – Save $500

  • Regular Price: $2,599
  • Black Friday Price: $2,099
  • Best Torque-Sensing Folding Electric Bike by Electric Bike 
  • Free shipping within Canada

Faster top speeds, farther range, and a torque sensor that provides a smoother ride you can enjoy this foldable frame wherever the road takes you. Its 6 months warranty guarantees you’ll be having more fun, for the long road ahead.


With these excellent Black Friday prices on commuter ebikes, you can revolutionize your everyday commute without breaking the bank. Reduce your gasoline costs and choose eco-friendly transportation with Aventon's Soltera.2 and Level.2 models. Improve your biking experience with excellent quality at a low cost, all while having the guarantee of dependable support anytime you need it, compliments of Aventon. Ride Aventon, ride intelligently.

Ezbike Canada:Aventon Soltera.2 Ebike Best Seller In Canada

Aventon Soltera.2 – Save $900

  • Regular Price: $1,899
  • Black Friday Price: $999
  • Free shipping within Canada

Ezbike Canada:Aventon Level.2 Ebike Best Seller In Canada

Aventon Level.2 – Save $500

  • Regular Price: $2,799
  • Black Friday Price: $2,299
  • Free U-Lock+Free shipping within Canada
  • Best Commuter Electric Bike by Electric Bike 


Get the best value for your buck this Black Friday when shopping for the best cruiser ebike Black Friday deals. Shop Aventon’s Pace model ebikes that offer reliability while saving you huge and guaranteeing top-quality rides.

Ezbike Canada:Aventon Pace 500..3 Ebike Best Seller In Canada

Aventon Pace 500.3 – Save $400

  • Regular Price: $2,599
  • Black Friday Price: $2,199
  • Free shipping within Canada

This Black Friday, seize the opportunity to own an Aventon ebike at an unparalleled price. Whether you're a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the world of electric bikes, there's never been a better time to embrace the joy of cycling. Don't miss out – the road to adventure awaits!