E-Scooter Maintenance : Keeping Your Ride in Top Shape

Many people are starting to realize the benefits of electric scooters. Electric scooters are a popular form of transportation in Canada because they're easy to use, safe and offer riders a way to avoid traffic jams. The maintenance of electric scooters is still very important. In most cases, you will need to clean your scooter, store it properly and check the tires to make sure they are performing well. Following maintenance tips for electric scooters can go a long way toward maintaining the lifespan of your e-scooter.
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Why is regular maintenance of electric scooters important?

Regular maintenance can be safer and reduce safety hazards.
- Make yourself more familiar with electric scooters
- Avoid deadly danger, keep you safe
- Make electric scooters more reliable
- Reduce maintenance costs
- More enjoyable riding experience
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No maintenance:
- Higher cost
- Dangerous situation
- Other road users are also at risk
- Need professional help more often
- Poor riding experience
- Unavailable for at least 1/3 of the days during maintenance (car, taxi, etc. charges incurred)
The first option is to leave as little room for error as possible. Through regular electric scooter maintenance, we have the opportunity to notice some minor problems, predict failures, and prevent potential dangers. The second choice may bring us problems in the long run. The risk factor is relatively high and it is easy to cause traffic accidents.

Electric Scooter Maintenance Tips:

Periodic Battery check

Batteries are an important part of electric scooters. Note: Do not charge for too long during charging, as this may damage the battery. , because heat can be a cause of battery damage. Allowing the battery to cool before charging will help extend the battery's life expectancy. Batteries require regular maintenance and, if they can be replaced, are the most expensive replacement part in an electric scooter.

Clean the scooter regularly

Before cleaning, you need to turn off the power, and then proceed to the first step to start cleaning your electric scooter. To clean the scooter, wipe it with a damp cloth. If you need a little more, use some all-purpose cleaning spray.The purpose is to wipe your scooter clean, which greatly adds to the aesthetics. After cleaning the scooter, let it dry in the shade. You can also apply protective wax or polish on the painted parts to prevent fading and discoloration.

Check the brakes

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Brakes are one of the most important safety features of an electric scooter, and making sure they work properly is critical. Most electric scooters are equipped with disc or drum brakes, which need to be checked and adjusted periodically.
If your electric scooter is equipped with disc brakes, you need to check the brake pads for wear. If the friction material seems to be all but gone, it's time for new brake pads. When the scooter is new, it is a good idea to have the brake pads checked. This will give you an idea of how much friction material you need to start with. Usually a few millimeters. If you have drum brakes, you can adjust the tension with an adjusting nut or bolt. to make sure the brakes are not too loose or too tight, and test them before riding the scooter.

Check the lights

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It's also important to inspect your scooter's lights and ensure they work to their maximum capacity. Any broken lights should be replaced immediately to ensure you're safe on the road, and you can give them a wipe with a microfibre cloth before setting off too.

Check tires before every ride

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In order to properly maintain your electric scooter, you need to check that its tires are at the recommended pressure before each ride. If your tire pressure is lower or higher than the recommended pressure, it will result in reduced speed, serious risk of skidding, rapid battery drain, possible tire friction to a point, and risk of tire blowout. Make sure to check your tires regularly for damage. This will take your safety into consideration. If you want to reduce the workload of tire maintenance,
please choose an electric scooter with durable tires.

Safe storage of electric scooters

One of the most common tips for maintaining your electric scooter is to store it in a safe place. Consider temperature and sunlight when storing your scooter. In general, electric scooters should be stored in a dry place out of direct sunlight and at a stable temperature. Regular care and maintenance of your electric scooter will not only increase and prolong amazing performance. It can also keep you safe during your rides.