The Confusing Truth About Scooter Power Output

Many electric scooters we here at EZ Bike carry have dual motors, inside both the front and rear wheels.  Usually, each can deliver equal amounts of power, so your scooter’s total power output is both of them added together.  Likewise, each motor would be able to deliver half of the advertised power.  It sounds simple thus far, things are about to get more complicated.

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Dualtron Ultra claims to deliver 6640W, and a VSETT 10+ 2800W, so does that mean the Ultra has 2.37 times the power of the 10+?  Well no, 2800W is called nominal power, VSETT 10+ actually has 4000W of peak power.  Dualtron scooters, on the other hand, always advertise peak power, never nominal.  This means if we compare peak power, the Ultra is 1.66 times as powerful as the VSETT 10+.  Let's delve into the differences between these two power metrics and their significance in electric scooter functionality.

Nominal Power:

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Nominal power refers to the continuous power output that an electric scooter's motor can sustain during regular operation. It's the power level at which the scooter can consistently perform without overheating or causing excessive wear and tear. Nominal power is a crucial metric as it provides insight into the scooter's ability to maintain speed on flat terrain, handle inclines, and carry the rider's weight without straining the motor. This power rating is expressed in watts (W) and is a reliable indicator of the scooter's overall efficiency and long-term performance.

Peak Power:

On the other hand, peak power refers to the maximum power output that an electric scooter's motor can achieve for a short burst of time. This burst of power is typically used during acceleration or when tackling steep hills. Peak power is essential for ensuring a smooth ride even in challenging scenarios, such as quickly accelerating from a standstill or maintaining speed on steep inclines. However, it's important to note that sustained operation at peak power can lead to overheating and motor stress, potentially affecting the scooter's longevity.

Understanding the Difference:

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In simpler terms, nominal power is like the baseline performance of an electric scooter, showcasing how well it can handle regular riding conditions. On the other hand, peak power highlights the scooter's capacity to handle sudden demands for extra power, ensuring a comfortable and safe ride in various situations.

When choosing an electric scooter, it's essential to consider both nominal and peak power ratings. While a high peak power rating can be exciting, it's equally important to have a robust nominal power rating to ensure consistent performance and durability during everyday rides. A well-balanced combination of these two power metrics results in a scooter that's both reliable and capable of handling diverse terrains and challenges.