LeaperKim Patton: Powerful, Stylish, Reliable – Spring Pre-order at EZBike Canada!

We at Ezbike Canada are thrilled to present the LeaperKim Patton electric bike's exclusive pre-order, which is the pinnacle of power, reliability, and style. Spring is in the air. With this cutting-edge escooter, you can expect an entirely new riding experience that will transform the way you go on two wheels.

LeaperKim Patton: Powerful, Stylish, Reliable – Spring Pre-order at EZBike Canada!

Powerful Performance:

At the heart of the LeaperKim Patton lies a robust and high-performance electric motor that delivers an exhilarating ride. With seamless acceleration and a powerful battery, you'll effortlessly conquer city streets, trails, and everything in between. Say goodbye to range anxiety as the LeaperKim Patton ensures you stay charged for the long haul.

Recently unveiled, the Patton has brought forth a plethora of thrilling features that are set to captivate electric unicycle enthusiasts. As the pioneer 126V EUC in the Veteran lineup and the inaugural 16" EUC, the Patton stands as a revolutionary force. Equipped with a potent 3000W motor, riders can harness the necessary power and torque to conquer diverse terrains, ranging from city streets to off-road trails

Anticipation surrounds the  Patton, a powerhouse electric unicycle boasting a top speed of approximately 70 km/h. The 3000W motor provides swift acceleration, enabling riders to effortlessly navigate trails. Its 2220Wh/126V battery, composed of reliable Samsung 21700 50E cells, offers a substantial Real Range of 60-80 km (37-50 miles).

A standout feature of the Patton is its meticulously crafted suspension system, designed by Fastace renowned for high-performance motorcycle and scooter suspensions. The centrally mounted fork suspension provides 80mm of vertical travel, accompanied by 12 levels of compression adjustment, 18 levels of rebound adjustment, and 12mm of pre-load adjustment.

LeaperKim Patton: Powerful, Stylish, Reliable – Spring Pre-order at EZBike Canada!

Stylish Design:

The Patton assures visibility day or night with its twin 2000LM 18W headlights, rear taillight, and auto-turning signals. The lighting set is among the brightest available, which improves riding safety.

Features include a sturdy aviation aluminum body, an oil-sealed cover, a wide/thicker motor/rim cover, 2000LM lighting, braking/turn signals, a built-in trolley, an improved display with angle protection and waterproofing, dual 15amp charge ports, and adjustable magnesium alloy pedals. It also has improved anti-collision battery protection.

Reliable Companion:

Reliability is non-negotiable, and the LeaperKim Patton delivers on every front. Built with precision and quality craftsmanship, this escooter is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use. From its durable frame to the advanced components, rest assured that your LeaperKim Patton is a reliable companion on every ride.

LeaperKim Patton: Powerful, Stylish, Reliable – Spring Pre-order at EZBike Canada!

Spring Pre-order Exclusive:

Be among the first to experience the LeaperKim Patton by taking advantage of our exclusive Spring pre-order. Secure your spot to own this exceptional escooter before it hits the streets. As a bonus, our pre-order customers will enjoy special pricing and additional perks – because at EZBike Canada, we believe in rewarding our early supporters.

How to Pre-order:

  1. Visit our website: www.ezbike.ca
  2. Explore the LeaperKim Patton model and choose your preferred specifications.
  3. Place your pre-order securely online.
  4. Await the arrival of your LeaperKim Patton and get ready for an unparalleled riding experience.

Discover the LeaperKim Patton at EZBike Canada, where the perfect balance of power, style, and dependability awaits you for an amazing escooter experience. Take advantage of the chance to join the escooter revolution. Get your LeaperKim Patton in advance to ride into spring with confidence!