Differences between 1st Gen Level and Level.2.

Level.2 Commuter Ebike

Cadence Sensor (1st Gen Level):

It works more or less like a switch. If you want more pedal assist, you can boost the level of assist by adjusting the mode up and down manually. 

Torque Sensor (Level.2):

Uses precision strain to measure the force the rider is actually applying to the pedal. This allows your bike to gauge the appropriate level of pedal assist for conditions.

The Level.2 has a more natural and intuitive feel when riding. The addition of integrated lights and a smaller, easier-to-use display help make one of our favorite commuter e-bikes even better."

"The Aventon Level.2 ebike has some great upgrades from the Level 1. The most significant is the torque sensor. It makes for a smoother more natural feeling ride and has been historically difficult to find in a bike less than $2,000."

"The Level.2 brings a host of upgrades to the popular Level commuting platform that increases range, safety, and fun, whether pedaling into work or off the beaten path. Aventon bills the new bike as the tool to turn ordinary commutes into joy rides."

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