Where an electric bike or conversion kit is defined as Street legal, it means the electric bike or trike is considered street legal Under Canadian and US Federal Electric Bike Regulations. Those products are viewed as bicycles, not motorized vehicles without need of insurance license plate or drivers’ license. It is important for you to check your province/ state, county, and local laws to ensure that you are riding legally and safely.

Please note Street Legal does not mean you can ride your electric bike or trike on any bicycle pathways; parks and trails may have their restrictions against use of electric assist bikes.

E-kick scooter:

Know and be aware of your local laws surrounding the use of these fabulous alternative electric mobility devices.  Currently, Nova Scotia is the only province that legally allows Segways on sidewalks and bike lanes.  Mostly everywhere else Segways, electric unicycles, electric scooters, the MiniPro and balance boards (or hover boards) are not defined in the Canadian motor vehicle acts, which means they are considered motor vehicles.  Motor vehicles are prohibited on sidewalks and bike lanes.  These devices are mostly only legally only permitted on private property, trails and parks where permitted by municipal bylaws. 


EZbike may offer non-street legal conversion kits, scooters, ebikes, etc. EZbike is not liable for legality of use of products offered in various locations.