Find EZbike Canada local store in Canada

Find EZbike Canada local store in Canada

Discover Our Local Stores:

EZbike Richmond Hill Store

  • Address: 10 Brodie Dr, Unit 4, Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3K8
  • Phone: (647) 695-2668
  • Email:

EZbike Montreal Store

  • Address: 4065 Saint Denis St, Montreal, Quebec H2W 2M7
  • Phone: (514) 900-3723
  • Email:

At our local stores, you'll find a wide selection of electric bikes tailored to suit your lifestyle and preferences. Whether you're seeking a sleek commuter bike for navigating urban streets or a rugged off-road model for weekend adventures, we've got you covered. Plus, our knowledgeable staff members are always on hand to provide expert guidance and answer any questions you may have.

Test Rides and Repair Services:

One of the best parts of visiting an EZbike local store is the opportunity to test ride our electric bikes. Feel the thrill of effortless pedaling and experience the power of our cutting-edge technology firsthand. Our team will ensure that you find the perfect bike to match your needs and riding style.

Additionally, our local stores offer repair and maintenance services to keep your electric bike in peak condition. Whether it's a routine tune-up or a more complex repair, our skilled technicians will have you back on the road in no time.

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