Aventon ebikes vs Traditional Bikes: Which is Right for You in Canada?

Aventon Ebikes vs Traditional Bikes: Which is Right for You in Canada?

Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular these days. They are very convenient as a means of transportation. But there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding e-bikes. Many see them as some advanced piece of equipment — closer to a scooter or moped — that requires additional skills or paperwork to use.

Here's the thing: The Aventon e-bike isn't all that different when compared to a regular bike. The two behave in a very similar way, and if you already know how to ride a regular bike, an e-bike will feel instantly familiar.

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On the surface, the Aventon e-bike looks almost identical to a regular bike. They have a frame, two wheels, a seat, gears and many of the same accessories.

But an e-bike has 3 key components:

Handlebar: There are several important components on the handlebar of an Aventon e-bike. Large backlit LCD display showing your speed, odometer, trip and battery level. Plus, control your speed with our on-demand throttle for pedal-free cruising and 5 levels of pedal assist.

Battery: The removable battery provides your bike with an average range of 40 miles. Our batteries have a dedicated key lock that allows you to take your battery with you and charge it anywhere! What are e-bike batteries made of? E-bikes are usually equipped with Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) or Lithium-Polymer (LiPo) batteries.

Motor: What is the maximum power of the Aventon e-bike motor? Most of our e-bikes come with a 500W (continuous) 750W (peak) motor. When flying up steep hills, the brushless hub motor unleashes its 750W peak performance to get you to the top with ease. When cruising on flat roads, the motor stays at 500 watts.

If two riders, one on an Aventon e-bike and one on a regular bike, start at the top of a steep hill and take off, they will end up at similar speeds. An e-bike won't necessarily make you go faster than a regular bike, but it will make it easier to go faster.

Electric bike motors are up to the rider. Outside of class 2 bikes, it won't work unless someone is pedaling, and will stop once the rider reaches a certain speed. Depending on the bike, most motors run until they reach a speed of 15-20 mph (25-30 km/h). Beyond these speeds, it's human power.

The great thing about an e-bike is that it allows you to reach those speeds faster and easier than ever before. On a normal bike, you might have to put in some real effort to hit 20 mph (or hopefully a big downhill).

Electric bikes are best for those who want to improve their cycling skills without putting in the effort like an athlete. Thanks to electricity, bike touring, daily commuting, and off-road riding have all become easier and more convenient. The fact that you can bike to work without breaking a sweat makes e-bikes better for commuting than regular bikes.

Rider Experience
What's it like to ride an electric bike? For the most part, riding an Aventon e-bike is just like riding a regular bicycle. The two feel very similar, and if you already know how to ride a regular bike, chances are you'll be riding an e-bike in no time!

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But there are some very subtle differences between riding these two bikes. For one thing, an e-bike's motor typically kicks in when you start pedaling. Modern e-bike motors are very subtle, but you'll barely notice the transition from manual power to assist power.

In the Aventon e-bike vs regular bike debate, there's no question that regular bikes are generally cheaper than e-bikes. Because e-bikes have more expensive, advanced components.

A good e-bike will cost at least $2000+. You can of course find cheaper models out there, but they're low quality disposable crap. A good road bike (not an electric bike) can be had for as little as $500.

Laws and Regulations
While e-bikes do come with more red tape than regular bikes, the amount isn't frustratingly large. With a few exceptions, you won't have to worry about using an e-bike at all.

Different countries and different regions have their own local e-bike rules. Before using an e-bike, you will need to consult your local e-bike laws. Having said that, there are generally 3 things you need to consider:

  • Do I need a driver's license to ride an electric bike?
  • Do I need to be of a certain age to ride an e-bike?
  • What is the speed limit for riding an e-bike?

After understanding these, if you are willing to buy electric bicycles, you can read our article: The 8 Best Aventon Ebike for Every Ride.

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There are several factors you should consider when choosing between a regular bike and an Aventon e-bike. Most importantly, though, you should ask yourself what you will be using your bike for.

For example, if you are a commuter, you may find that an electric bike is better than a traditional bike. If you're just looking for something to ride around casually, get a regular bike.But if you need something more, whether for work or personal use, you can't go wrong with an electric bike. Try it for your next chance!

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