Exploring Canada's Bike-Friendly Cities: The Aventon eBike Experience

Exploring Canada's Bike-Friendly Cities: The Aventon eBike Experience

Cycling in Canada has grown and developed year after year. In recent years, this has also included enhancing the infrastructure around many of Canada's incredible cities. Part of the reason for this is that more and more Canadians are getting on two wheels to get through their day. This is good news for the environment and for health.

Defining the elements of what makes a city "bicycle friendly" is a daunting task.And riding Aventon eBikes to visit many cities, visit new places, find hidden gems, go where the car can't go and explore little-known local hotspots.


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Montreal, Quebec

The Montreal is part of European culture, so biking is popular here. It was the first city in Canada to successfully implement a bike-sharing system and has installed over 500 kilometers of bike routes. Not surprisingly, Montreal has a strong cycling culture and can be reached by Aventon e-bike follow the path along Lachine Canal all the way to the Old Port , enjoying the ample green spaces along the water's edge.


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Vancouver, British Columbia

Canada's largest west coast city was the first to take the concept of "neighbourhood greenways" to the next level, with approximately 400 kilometers of bike lanes. Many of the bike lanes are protected from motorized traffic, such as in the Grandview-Woodland and Kitsilano areas. Leaving the streets relatively empty of cyclists. There is also a very strong cycling culture. Given the mild winter temperatures, people can ride Aventon bikes here year-round.

Whether you use the city's bike share program or bring your own bike to explore Vancouver, you're sure to discover the hidden treasures of this incredible city.


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Calgary, Alberta

The green spaces and well-maintained trails along the Bow River, which bisects the city, are perfect for e-bikers.

Calgary tops the bike score with 550 km of multi-use paths and 260 km of street bike routes. In recent years, Calgary has installed infrastructure and promoted the benefits of cycling as a lifestyle. Citizens here don't have the same deep-rooted cycling culture as Vancouver or Montreal. But that doesn't stop many people from choosing to commute to work by bike every day when the weather is right.


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Ottawa, Ontario

Canada's largest city has many communities that are fun to ride electric bikes in, and a favourite cycling destination in Toronto is the Lakeshore Bikeway. In the summer, early morning rides are ideal, but fall is just as beautiful, the leaves are changing and the temperatures are more comfortable. After riding along the lakefront, make a quick stop at Sugar Beach and then head to the historic Distillery District, where cool stores, cafes and restaurants line the no-vehicle cobblestone paths to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

For thrill seekers, the Don Valley mountain bike trail system is easily accessible via a paved road system and has some wide single tracks. Just make sure you rent the right bike to handle the terrain,shch as Aventon.


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Halifax, NS

Halifax's downtown area is great for biking, especially around Jubilee and Halifax Common. You can enjoy great shopping, outdoor restaurants and the aroma of ocean air there. However, the cycling culture here is still in its infancy. So you won't find as much infrastructure as you would in cities further west. That said, riding along the Atlantic coast is something everyone should experience, and Halifax is one of the main starting points for the Cabot Trail. The Cabot Trail is one of the most famous bike loops in North America.We can enjoy the thrill of speed brought to us by Aventon ebikes.

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As expressed above, riding an e-bike anywhere in the downtown core is exciting, especially around the harbor In many parts of downtown Aventon e-bikes offer a variety of amenities such as gas stations, parking, stores and restaurants. These are all great places for an urban ride. In most cases, Aventon e-bikes are more affordable and environmentally friendly than cars when compared to car sharing.


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One last thing is that Aventon e-bikes come with a smartphone app and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which means you can find a nearby charging station in the city center by using its mobile app.

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