Segway Electric Scooters: A Comprehensive Guide to the Segway E-Scooter Lineup

Segway Electric Scooters: A Comprehensive Guide to the Segway E-Scooter Lineup

Segway offers electric scooters to suit everyone from casual riders to performance thrill-seekers. We’ll cover three of their standout models – the Ninebot Segway Electric Gokart Pro, Transformer GT2 Megatron LE, and P100S Electric Scooter. Comparing the specs and capabilities of these e-scooters will help you select the best Segway to meet your needs.

Segway E-Scooter Models

Segway currently offers Three core electric scooter models

 Ninebot Segway Electric Gokart Pro

This electric “gokart” takes recreational riding to the next level. With a powerful 800W motor, it hits 31 mph top speeds for an absolute thrill ride. The long wheelbase improves high-speed stability while 10” tubeless tires provide cushioning over uneven terrain. You can tackle everything from neighborhood streets to dirt trails with this rugged scooter.

Electric Gokart Pro Specs:

  • 31 mph top speed
  • 24 mile max range
  • 800W motor
  • Hydraulic shock absorption
  • 10” tubeless tires
  • Integrated LED lights

    Segway Transformer GT2 Megatron
    The aptly named “Megatron” model brings power in a (literally) transformable package. With a max 800W motor, it hits 24 mph top speeds across 3 separate modes. Solo mode lets you ride like a typical e-scooter, double mode tandem riding, and cargo mode for hauling gear or shopping. The promising 43 mile max range ensures you can tackle lengthy adventures before needing a recharge.

     Megatron GT2 LE Specs:

    • 24 mph top speed
    • 43 mile range
    • Converts between solo, tandem, cargo modes
    • 800W power
    • 32 lbs weight
    • 10” tires with self-healing tech

    Segway P100S Electric Scooter Segway engineered the P100S as an ultra-reliable commuting tool, perfect for repeated daily rides. With a top speed of 18.6 mph, it provides sufficient zip while prioritizing stability and safety. Regenerative brakes allow for one-handed speed regulation, leaving your other hand free for signaling.

     P100S Scooter Specs:

    • 18.6 mph top speed
    • 15.5 mile range
    • 300W motor
    • 28 lb weight
    • LED display with speedometer & battery life
    • One-touch folding mechanism

      Segway offers electric scooters for every type of rider. Thrill-seekers will be drawn to the 31mph top speeds of the Ninebot Electric Gokart Pro, while the unique modular capabilities of the Transformer series allow for adaptable urban transportation. More practical commuters are also covered with reliable and efficient models like the P100S. So whether you are looking to electrify your daily commute or amp up the adventure on your next ride, Segway produces an e-scooter ready to fulfill your needs. Their diverse lineup ensures exhilarating performance, adaptability, and practicality are all covered to take your electric scootering to the next level.

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