All products including ebikes, conversion kits, E-scooters, etc. as well as components purchased including motor, controller, display, battery, charger, throttle, PAS sensor, brake sensors are covered by 12 months or 3000km (which comes first)Free warranty unless otherwise specified. You can purchase an extended warranty up to 24 months where offered.

Your warranty will void if conditions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. The product is beyond warranty period from the date of purchase or date of delivery in case of shipped item.
  2. Products beyond the warranty period or outside of the scope of warranty terms will be eligible for fee-based repair
  3. Damages or breakages not stemming from a manufacturer's defect.
  4. Damages caused from improper packaging or mishandling during shipment for warranty service.
  5. Improper or invalid documentation, including but not limited to lack of a warranty sheet, original invoice or discrepancies on the invoice.
  6. Products purchased from a non-authorized reseller or purchased from a reseller that is distributing the product outside their authorized market.
  7. Damage caused by overweight, attempting tricks or running into obstacles like curbs or walls, water or liquid damage or submerges into water.
  8. Damage to the product from misuse and/or neglect, accidental damage, water, liquid or spill damage or from not adhering to the instructions in the Owner's Manual.
  9. Fraud or misrepresentation, or unauthorized repair of the product. This also applies, in case if you have attempted repair at your own or if the product has been handled by another party for the purpose of repair or diagnostics. 

Delivery of the defective products or parts for repair or replacement to our service shop is the customer’s responsibility.

Any and all shipping costs related to warranty work are the sole responsibility of the customer.