Segway P65 Electric Scooter
Segway P65 Electric Scooter
Segway P65 Electric Scooter
Segway P65 Electric Scooter
Segway P65 Electric Scooter
Segway P65 Electric Scooter
Segway P65 Electric Scooter
Segway P65 Electric Scooter
Segway P65 Electric Scooter
Segway P65 Electric Scooter
Segway P65 Electric Scooter

Segway P65 Electric Scooter

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Segway’s latest electric commuter scooter is here. Building on the immense popularity of the Segway Ninebot Max G30P, the P65A comes with a updated, modern design, a 500W motor, and a more integrated bed of technology that makes its debut with the P65A.

  • SegPower Self-healing Tubeless Tyres
  • 5 Power & Riding Modes
  • NFC Functionality for Unlocking
  • Built-in Phone Charger
  • Ideal for commuting

The Successor to Success

The Ninebot Max G30P has worked its way into the e-scooter hall of fame, and for good reason. But it’s been around a while now, and while it has received upgrades & updates throughout its lifespan, Segway has decided it’s time for an upgrade. Building on the electric commuter scooter heritage of the G30P, Segway have launched the P65A as the next evolution of e-scooter for those that want a well-built, functional, and reliable ride to get around town.


Automotive-Grade Tyres

Punctures are troublesome on electric scooters, and depending on your ride, you could be waiting for a couple of weeks for a replacement. The P65A, however, comes with a new type of tyre closer to what you’d find on a car. Self-healing, tubeless tyres on the front and rear now offer much better traction on wet and greasy roads, keeping riders safer in traffic. 

NFC Connectivity

E-Scooter manufacturers have been trying to find the best way of securing electric scooters to prevent theft. Some require a key. Some require an app. So far, however, none have used the rider’s phone as the key. The P65A brings this feature to the public with its NFC security system. Simply place your phone on the handlebars to unlock the ride and get on your way. 

You’ll also get an integrated USB-C port that allows you to charge your phone while you ride, which is great if you use your phone for navigation. 

App Integration

On top of the NFC Security, the P65A can also connect via bluetooth to Segway’s app. Doing so allows you to customise various features of your ride to find the right levels for you.

Multiple Riding Modes

In Australia, speed limits for e-scooters vary depending on proximity to pedestrians. Fortunately, the P65A has 5 riding modes that adjust the speed limit of the scooter to make sure you’re always going at the right speed in the right place. 

Improved Brakes

The P65A also brings a front disc brake for greater stopping power, while keeping the rear regenerative braking that pushes energy back into the battery when braking for extra efficiency. 

Ergonomic Design

The P65A comes with a wider deck than the G30, and thanks to the layout of all the controls on the handlebars, riders will be able to keep their balance easily when swinging around the local roads. 

A Steady Commute

The P65A isn’t a performance e-scooter. If that’s what you’re after, turn your attention to the P100S or the Segway GT Series. What the P65A is is a very capable and technologically-advanced electric commuter scooter. While many of the features found on the P65A exist on other models, none of those rides on the market have all of those features. 

Imagine your commute without the threat of punctures. Imagine your commute with better traction and grip in less-than-ideal weather. Imagine your ride being secured and locked to your phone, meaning that thieving hands can’t use it. 

Is The P65A The Replacement For The G30P?

The P65A has big shoes to fill. The G30P is not only one of the best-selling electric commuter scooters in the world, but it’s also one of the best-selling electric scooters, period. Due to the immense popularity of the G30 range, Segway have announced that a direct successor will be coming, but news so far suggests this won’t be available in Australia. 

So, while the P65A is not a direct descendant of the G30P, it offers similar performance, but a lot more technology. If you’re looking for the next Segway commuter e-scooter in Australia, this is it. 

MAX. SPEED 25 kph
MAX. RANGE 65 km
WEIGHT 24 kg
CHARGE TIME Approx. 4 hrs
TYRES 10.5-inch SegPower CrossSeason, Tubeless Self-Healing
BRAKES Front Disc + Rear Electronic Brakes
  • 25 kph top speed
  • 65 km maximum range
  • 120 kg maximum carry load
  • 3 Riding Modes
  • Tire Damper
  • Automotive-grade 10.5-inch SegPower CrossSeasons tyre with a jelly layer
  • Near-Field Connectivity
  • Bluetooth-enabled with app connectivity
  • Onboard Type-C Power Supply
  • Comes with a bell

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