The Best Buying Guide For Electric Bikes

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Riding an e-bike for the first time feels like discovering a huge surprise. You can keep up with stop-and-go traffic and transport kids or cargo more easily. 

If you have the intention to buy an electric bike, you may encounter such a question: how should I choose an electric bicycle? Don't worry, in this guide, we'll tell you how to choose an electric bike.

What types of electric bikes are there?

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Figuring out which type of e-bike you need is a key decision point. Electric bikes on the market now adopt this three-level system.

1. Class 1 electric bike: Class 1 is equipped with an electric power assist system, which only provides assistance when riding to assist the rider's pedaling power. Electric power assist stops at 20 mph (32 km/h).

2. Class 2 electric bike: Class 2 is equipped with an electric power assist system and have a manually controlled throttle. This means that the rider can control the start and stop of the electric assist through the accelerator, without having to continuously depress the pedal. The assist system of a Class 2 e-bike also stops providing assist at 20 mph (32 km/h).

3. Class 3 electric bike: Class 3 is also equipped with electric assist systems, and generally have higher assist speed limits. Unlike Class 1 and 2 e-bikes, the assist system on a Class 3 e-bike stops providing assist at 28 mph (45 km/h). This gives Class 3 e-bikes an advantage in terms of riding speed and commuting efficiency.

Which electric bike is best for me?

Ezbike canada|Aventon ebike

Want to know which electric bike is best for you. The first step is to determine where you want to use your electric vehicle. Whether you want to commute between cities, or want to ride in the wild mountains and forests. From the point of view of use, electric bicycles can also be divided into the following three categories.

1. Comfort/Cruiser: This category is designed for the recreational rider who needs comfort and control. There are two frame styles in this category, the traditional diamond frame and the "Step Through" frame. The "Step Through" frame is very easy to get on and off the bike. Get on and off the bike without raising your legs. It's perfect for people with disabilities that might prevent you from lifting your legs.

2. Hybrid/Commuter: This category is great for commuting, walking around town. These high-speed bikes often have the longest range, and some can even go up to 28 mph! Many of these models come with a shelf for groceries. And, on some models, you may find that the lighting system is integrated directly into the bike's electrical system. So if your bike is on, your safety lights will be on too!

3. Mountain/Off-Road: This category is designed for off-road riding with less effort, farther, and faster than traditional bikes. These off-road machines climb hills like billy goats, and the acceleration you get when you pedal makes descents more fun. With the motor and battery located low and in the center of the bike, you'll have more fun than ever.

How to choose an electric bike

There are many factors to consider when shopping for an electric bike that fits your needs. Maybe you want a fat e-bike for off-roading. Or a foldable e-bike that fits a certain lifestyle. Maybe you want one for commuting, cruising, or even hauling everything you need on the go.

Let's see what to look for when buying an electric bike:

1. Determine the budget
Know your budget before you start looking. Electric bikes are a good investment as an alternative to other modes of transportation, including cars, public transit, Lyft, and Uber, and can help save you money over time.

2. Choose the type of electric bicycle that suits you
Most new riders start with a Class 1 ebike. Class 1 bikes are the most affordable and, from a regulatory standpoint, the most generally accepted. You can ride on city streets and many bike paths.

Class 2 e-bikes are generally permitted to be used in the same places as Class 1 e-bikes. That's because both grades have a top speed of 20 mph with power assist. Here's our hottest class 2 ebike: the Aventure.2 Ebike.

Aventure.2 Ebike & Aventon Aventure Canada

Class 3 e-bikes are very popular with cyclists. They are faster and more powerful than level 1, 2, but cost more.

3. Battery type
The battery is the most important component of an electric bicycle. After all, it is what generates the force that propels you beyond your natural drive. Most batteries take 3-5 hours to charge and can run 30 to 60 miles. It all depends on the type of sensor and how much pedal assist and throttle you are using.

There are three popular battery types in e-bikes. Each has its own pros and cons:
Lead Acid: More economical, but bulkier and sensitive to climate change.
Nickel Cadmium: A lighter battery, but charges slower and has defects that affect performance the most.
Lithium-ion: Best and longest battery life, but also the most expensive.

The Aventon e-bike uses lithium-ion batteries made from LG cells. It ensures the highest quality and efficiency when powering e-bikes.

4. Range
When you're finding your dream e-bike, one thing to consider is its range. The range of an e-bike is the maximum distance it can travel on a fully charged battery. Keep in mind the type of battery that came with your e-bike as it plays an important role in the functionality and range of your e-bike. Aventon's e-bikes can go 40 to 60 miles on a single charge.

5. Warranty
Buying a bike is a major investment. So its warranty service is very important. One of the great things about buying an e-bike is that repairs can all be done by your local bike shop. However, since e-bikes also use different components. So make sure it has a warranty in case anything goes wrong.

All Aventon electric bikes come with a standard 2 year warranty. In addition to the two-year warranty, you can also extend your warranty through Aventon's partner Extend. Buy up to 3 more years on top of Aventon's new 2 year warranty.

Hope this electric bike buying guide is helpful to you! Choosing an e-bike that suits your needs is an important decision that will accompany you on your everyday riding journeys. Remember to factor in your riding needs, budget, quality and reliability. At the same time, it is also wise to communicate with dealers and try riding different models of electric bicycles. Most importantly, always focus on safety when riding and follow local traffic laws. Wish you find the perfect e-bike and enjoy an eco-friendly, healthy and enjoyable riding experience!

EZbike Canada is an official Canadian distributor with service center of Aventon ebikeAventon’s mission is to empower everyone to ride bikes regardless of their age or ability.


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