Segway P100S Electric Scooter
Segway P100S Electric Scooter
Segway P100S Electric Scooter
Segway P100S Electric Scooter
Segway P100S Electric Scooter
Segway P100S Electric Scooter
Segway P100S Electric Scooter
Segway P100S Electric Scooter
Segway P100S Electric Scooter
Segway P100S Electric Scooter
Segway P100S Electric Scooter

Segway P100S Electric Scooter

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The Segway-Ninebot P100S is the most versatile electric scooter ever produced by Segway. It represents a first in Segway’s lineup: a top-tier electric commuter scooter with a great range of features, solid performance, and a new, modern look. If you love the G30P & P65A but wished they did just a little bit more, this is the e-scooter for you.

  • Front & rear suspension
  • Powerful 650W motor
  • Self-healing Tubeless Tyres
  • NFC & Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Versatile Riding Modes


A Scooter for All Riders

The beauty of the P100S is its versatility. While Segway’s previous e-scooters have been focused on a specific purpose, such as commuting, the P100SE is their first e-scooter that covers a lot of areas. 

The great thing about this is that it opens itself up to many types of rider. If you want to use it for commuting, you can. Want to go on rougher terrain? You can. If you’ve never ridden an e-scooter before, choose a lower riding setting and get on your way. The P100SE will grow with your ability.

Segway has never produced an e-scooter like this, so this is a great option for anyone that loved their commuter range, but just wished they did more. 

Key Features


The P100S offers the greatest range of any Segway electric scooter to date, reaching up to 100KM on a single charge. Even outside of the Segway range, you won’t find many rides at this price that’ll go this distance or further. 

Front & Rear Suspension

Like its older brother, the GT Series, the P100SE has front & rear suspension to absorb more lumpy terrain. Segway can make some brilliant suspension sets, but this is the first time we’ve seen dual suspension on something other than a ludicrous scooter.

NFC & App Connectivity

In a new feature for both Segway & electric scooters in general, your phone becomes the key to the scooter. Through Near-Field Connectivity, placing your phone on the handlebars unlocks the ride adding that extra layer of security. 

Plus, connecting the P100SE via bluetooth to Segway’s app allows you to customise ride settings for optimum comfort. 

And that’s not all, either. The P100SE comes with a USB-C charging port so you can charge your device while you ride. This is ideal if you plan on using your phone for navigation.

Automotive-Grade Tyres

E-Scooters are prone to punctures, but the P100S comes with automotive-grade self-healing tubeless tyres that minimise the risk of punctures. Special tyre tread also improves grip and stability on more slippery surfaces such as wet or greasy roads. 

Triple Braking System

The P100SE comes with three types of brake: front & rear mechanical disc brakes, and electronic braking. The latter diverts some of the energy lost when braking back into the battery for extra efficiency. The combination of all three means the P100SE has some of the best stopping power of the Segway range. 

Full Lighting Setup

The P100S also borrows the Segway GT’s lighting, with front & rear lights, indicators, rear brake lights, and customisable atmospheric lighting. 


The P100S is a significant entry for Segway’s line-up as it is the only e-scooter that can do a bit of everything. Need to cut across a gravel path on your commute? Thanks to the dual suspension & self-healing tyres, you can do so without an uncomfortable ride. Want to put down a bit of power and have some fun? Its 43 km top speed lets you do that. Climb a hill? Yes. Carry more than 100 kg? Yes. Commute to work? Yes. Cruise along bike paths? Yes. Withstand a bit of water? Yes. 

If you love the idea of owning an e-scooter but want to make sure your ride can handle a variety of circumstances, look no further than the P100SE. 

Best of Both Worlds

Up until the GT Series, Segway had largely focused on practicality, convenience, and reliability over performance. Their e-scooters were fantastic quality and would last for years, but none of them were fast. In fact, if you wanted something with speed, Segway didn’t really have anything for you. 

That changed with the GT Series, which was Segway’s first ludicrous e-Scooter. While a technically-marvellous piece of engineering, they came at a cost that many couldn’t justify. This meant there was a gap in Segway’s lineup for a mid-range & versatile electric scooter that was closer to the GT Series in terms of technology & performance, but came at a more friendly price point akin to that of the G30P & P65A. 

That’s exactly where the P100S fits in. It has a swathe of technology, the longest range of any Segway e-scooter to date, and a solid top speed that’ll give you a similar level of fun without being too hard to control for first time riders.

MAX. SPEED 25 kph
MOTOR 650W, Rear Wheel
MAX. RANGE 100 km
WEIGHT 26 kg
CHARGE TIME Approx. 7 hrs
SUSPENSION Front & Rear dual arm suspension
TYRES 10.5-inch SegPower CrossSeason, Tubeless Self Healing
BRAKES Front and Rear Disc + Electronic Brakes
EXTRAS NFC connector and USB-C port
  • 25 kph top speed
  • 100 km maximum range
  • 120 kg maximum carry load
  • 5 Speed Modes
  • Damper Adjustment System
  • Front and Rear Dual Arm Suspension
  • Onboard Type-C Power Supply
  • Automotive-grade SegPower CrossSeason Tyres with jelly layer
  • Bluetooth-enabled with app connectivity
  • Comprehensive Lighting System (head light, tail light, turn signals)
  • Multiple Unlock/Lock Options
  • Widened deck and handles
  • Near-Field Connectivity and USB-C port

We offer a 1 year warranty on all our electric scooters. For more information, please see our warranty page.

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