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Steering Damper Kit

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EZbike Canada : Steering Damper Kit

Steering Damper Kit

Richmond Hill Store

Récupération disponible, habituellement prête en 2 à 4 jours


Due to the special cases rightnow, the transportation could be delayed, and

* Product name: Directional Steering Damper Kit for VSETT 10+
Main Materials: Aluminium alloy/Stainless steel/Carbon fibre
Coating process: Delicate black, CNC processing, anodized paint(bracket); Bright red/black/silver, CNC processing, anodized paint(Damper)
Weight: Around 780g(with black damper)

* These are original steering damper kits for VSETT 10+ electric scooters, Except VSETT 10+, I strongly suggest you don't purchase it, I don't know anything about your scooter and I can't give you any useful information, obviously I don't know what would happen when you replace it. Of course I won't assume liabilities in this situation, thanks for your understanding.

* Advantage:
1. VSETT 10+ is a fury monster, but when you ride it at a high speed, the front wheel would wobble inevitably unless you install this steering stabilizer/damper kit. Our kit is the solution to have more control of your steering with hard acceleration at higher speeds. Much higher speed stability means more safe, which make you have a peace of mind while enjoying your fast ride and eliminate speed wobbles.
2. This Stabilizer kit allows you to adapt your steering damper to your personal riding style, to make the damper harder or softer, as it keeps the front wheel on course.

* Installation & adjustment requires high hands-on ability, especially when you remove some original small screws, I suggest you heat the original screw with hair drier or heat gun for at least 60 seconds, or it's hard to be removed because of screw glue. Please watch the videos in the description page as a referance or ask for a professional mechanic to help you.

* There is color deviation in the photos because of difference among display equipments/cameras/softwares. Please make sure you know this color deviation, and if you say "I don't like this color" or "the colors aren't like the photos","So I need return it", Sorry I wouldn't support your requirement.

* We are constantly improving our products, and we have many different suppliers to provide parts, so maybe some small details would be slightly different from the photos of description page, it's normal, that means you receive a newest model, this is the official store, I promise to provide the newest improved models, just the description page is not renewed yet!

* Make sure all the screws are tightened before your riding. I strongly suggest you paint some screw glue on screws to reinforce the joints and reduce the vibration. I don't provide screw glue, you need to buy this from other sellers.

* The price do not include any customs/taxes/VAT. There is a certain probability that the goods will be checked by the customs, if your package is checked, you need to pay the customs by youself. I don't know the specific customs tariff standard. You need to ask about the customs agency of your country.

* Based on the newest VAT Regulations Implemented in EU countries and Northern Ireland, United Kingdom:
1. If the order is less than €150, VAT would be added to the price automatically when customers make payment in Aliexpress. Customers would not be charged VAT twice by Internal Revenue Service.

2. If the Order is more than €150, VAT would not be added to the price when customers make payment in Aliexpress, even when customers choose Aliexpress online shipping method like Aliexpress Standard Shipping, or offline express shipping method like FedEx. Customers would be charged VAT by Internal Revenue Service when package is in import customs clearance if we use usual shipping way, or we will use our Special Shipping Way to make sure you needn't pay VAT for that, but the Special Shipping Way is expensive, you have to contact us to pay for that extra shipping fee or we wouldn't ship products. The Special Shipping Way is around 20days or longer at this situation, you can't track it for the first 10-15days till UPS deliver it.