My PEV Wouldn't Turn On

One of the toughest problems to solve for us PEV owners is when our device would not turn on at all.  The whole situation becomes a black box and it’s difficult to know where to begin.  Here are some basic steps you can take at home that might allow you to get a rough idea of the situation.  When one step doesn’t fix the problem, please move on to the next one.

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Step One: Charge Your Battery

It can simply be that the battery is out of power.  Also, sometimes when the battery management system (BMS) is triggered to protect your battery for whatever reason, it will be reset once your battery is plugged in to charge.  A fully drained battery may take half an hour to charge to a minimum state that will allow your PEV to turn on.  So please give this step sometime before drawing conclusions.

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Step Two: Inspect Your Charger

If nothing changes after half an hour of charging your scooter, let’s make sure it’s not your charger’s problem.  Always connect your charger to an AC wall power outlet before connecting it to your PEV.  When plugged into the wall, its LED indicator should turn green, and when connected to your PEV and charging, it should turn red.  If your indicator light stays green after connecting to your PEV, it could mean that your PEV is full, but if you know this is not the case, then it indicates a problem either with your charger or your battery.  The same can be said if your charger’s LED acts in any other weird or abnormal way such as flashing, alternating between red and green, or just completely dark.  In this case, try using a different compatible charger, or try your charger on a different compatible PEV to isolate the problem by process of elimination.

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Step Three: Bring it in

Unfortunately, if after the first two steps your PEV is still not turning on, then you have done your part, you can leave it to the pros at EZ Bike to fix your device.  Please bring it into our shop or mail it to us, just remember if you mail it, make sure it’s nicely packaged and well protected.  Couriers can be a bit rough handling packages.  EZ Bike charges a small $60 diagnosis fee, you will get a report of which component is causing your issue, as well as a quote to repair it.  Best of all, this fee will be waived if you decide to proceed with the repair.