Travel Light: Folding Ezbike Escooters for Easy Portability

Electric scooters are now more popular than ever. Many people find that more and more people are riding on the sidewalk in these foldable vehicles. This mode of transportation is not surprising on the road. Many people are not convinced by these so-called advantages. If you think you fall into this category, read on, maybe our list can change your mind!

What are the benefits of a foldable electric scooter?

We are also trying our best to alleviate the traffic congestion on the road. When there are more and more commuters, there are more and more mobile people on the road, and many people may choose to ride bicycles or bikes to work. The flow of people will be large, causing traffic jams, and foldable electric scooters are more convenient for storage and riding.

VSETT 8+ Dual Motor | Vsett Canada

Easy To Carry

Compared with bicycles or motorcycles, foldable electric scooters are portable and very convenient to carry. Most scooters are made of lightweight materials and the entire scooter weighs around 14 - 20kg.

In addition to being lightweight, these electric scooters can also be folded in half. This makes it easier to take your scooter around the work building or around campus. For people who live in high-rise apartments, it is no problem to take it with them when taking the elevator.


TEVERUN BLADE Mini / Pro Electric Scooter


Take the TEVERUN BLADE Mini and its one-step folding mechanism as an example. It only takes 3 seconds to fold and carry it to take public transport and reach any desired destination. Plus, it's made of durable, lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and weighs just 30 lbs.

Can Be Conveniently Stored

Not only are electric scooters a great way to get around, but they're also easy to store when you're done using them. Once folded, its size decreases. Conveniently placed in the corner of the office, or in the hallway of the apartment.

We can also consider taking an electric scooter to other places for vacation and communication, and we can ride it at night to blow the wind. After being folded, it can be easily placed in the trunk of the car, and can also accommodate all travel bags.

Many car owners and motorists are constantly struggling to find a parking space. Space in buildings and schools is always limited.

In some cases, you have no choice but to park your scooter outside. Scooter owners buy scooter locks for just such cases. The combination lock from TEVERUN BLADE Mini is a good choice because its strong braided steel offers good resistance to cutting and sawing. It also comes with a 5 digit lock for added security.

Ninebot max g30lp kickscooter by segway - certified factory refurbished

Environmentally Friendly Transportation

With an electric scooter, you reduce your carbon footprint every day. Electric scooters emit zero emissions compared to other vehicles that require gasoline to drive. Electric scooters simply need to be plugged in to be fully charged.

Electric scooters are one of the greenest options available right now. Apart from zero emissions, electric scooters also run on low quantities of electricity. They are more efficient at moving commuters — they take only a fraction of the energy compared to a car or SUV. Moreover, technology for electric scooters has improved remarkably over the last two years, further improving their eco-friendliness.

Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E12

Low Operating Cost

When it comes to operating costs, e-scooters come out on top. They are quite cheap to use compared to other modes of transportation. They only need some charging and can take you great distances.  All in all, they are an affordable option for everyday travel.

Easy maintenance

In addition to lower operating costs, electric folding scooters are also relatively easy to maintain. For example, when there is a problem with your car, it may require inspection, professional repair, replacement parts and many other steps.

But for electric scooters, it is quite simple. Their setup is relatively easy to repair and maintain. There are only a few components to care about: the motor, battery, tires, and controller.

Safe And Easy Ride

There is a learning curve for your first ride with all modes of transportation. But you only need to master the balance to learn electric scooter. Riding is easy once you get the hang of it.

When you own an electric scooter, your propulsion doesn't need to be the same as with a bike and a skateboard. You can control it with your hands because it is equipped with acceleration and braking.


Best Folding Electric Scooter: Lightweight and most compact


TEVERUN BLADE Mini / Pro Electric Scooter

From the TEVERUN BLADE Mini series, our bike pairs have the perfect fit for both adults and kids. For maximum safety, we equip our scooters with a dual braking system, and our scooters come in a variety of styles including suspension and pneumatic tires. We can provide lightweight and compact options to meet your needs. For easy transport, our foldable scooters come with a carrying case.

Our riders can save time and money on their commutes while enjoying the open road. Whether you're in the market for a portable electric scooter for easy transport, a fast electric scooter with powerful dual motors, or a folding mobility scooter for compact storage, they've got you covered. For commuting and traveling, scooters are also very suitable.

The benefits of using an electric scooter make it one of the most practical options for commuters everywhere. They are safe, environmentally friendly and effortless to drive – making them easy to use, even for the young or disabled. These advantages are why e-scooters are so popular for urban use.