Discover the Vsett Difference: Key Features Explained

We're proud to offer Vsett electric scooters - innovative vehicles designed to make your daily commute fun and effortless. Vsett models stand out from the crowd when it comes to features and performance. In this blog, we'll highlight some of the key differences that make Vsett scooters a cut above the rest.

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Power and Speed

Vsett scooters deliver an exciting riding experience with strong acceleration and high top speeds. Dual motors provide the torque needed to get you up to 30 mph in the blink of an eye. The Vsett 10+ can even reach speeds over 40 mph! This kind of performance makes Vsett perfect for urban commuting.

Battery Life With long-range lithium batteries, a single charge on a Vsett scooter can give you over 60 miles of range. The high-capacity batteries combined with energy recovery braking will keep you cruising all day without the dread of being stranded with a dead battery

Ezbike canada:Vsett escooter in canada

Build Quality

Vsett uses only premium materials like aluminum alloy and aviation-grade steel to create a sturdy yet lightweight scooter frame. The attention to detail and quality components results in a smooth, stable ride mile after mile. Vsetts are engineered to last.

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Adaptable Ride
The adjustable settings on Vsett scooters are one of the features that contribute to its adaptability. Set the top speed limits to a comfortable setting. To suit your preferences, alter the accelerating rate and the braking sensitivity. Even the vibrant ambient lighting is customizable.


Vsett prioritizes rider safety with key features like a dual braking system, built-in headlight and taillights, and settings to limit acceleration and top speed. The scooters also provide excellent stability even at higher speeds.
Ezbike canada:Vsett escooter in canada
Test ride a Vsett at our shop today and discover the advanced performance that has made Vsett a top brand worldwide. Their innovative design and premium craftsmanship truly make Vsett stand out from the crowd